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Candy Crush Saga (1100003) Latest Apk for Android

Candy Crush Saga apk Game is a combination of matching game and puzzle game.Combinations will change so that you can store more than 3 candies, by creating the chance to earn bonus points. During game play the game also introduces new kinds of candy like Candy Chameleon, which can be transformed into another candy. Download candy crush saga apk version apk latest version and it includes more than 335 levels and surprises includes the new download latest apk version with the level of difficulty increasing gradually as you progress through the game. There is a features option for you to share your scores on your social media accounts.You have to solve the puzzle before time run out. Read more

Candy Crush Saga Apk Features

  • It Was Originally Released on Facebook
  • It Works As A Match Three Puzzle Game
  • Both The Facebook/Mobile Version Include A Specific Amount of Levels
  • There’s a Basic Version and A Hacked Version
  • It Brings In A Crazy Amount of Money Per Day
  • The Development Team That Made The Game Is Wildly Successful Because of It
  • Its Even More Popular in Hong Kong

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