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Whatsapp Apk Download:-
Hello, Hi As we already know about the most popular application worldwide” Whatsapp Messenger”. We would try to know a little more about it now.It is the most popular instant Messaging Whatsapp apk Download free which has existing in your society in every young and old generation peoples hand. Whatsapp apk Download Messenger has its unique and best features to get successful. The application gets more popular day by day when the updates of whatsapp apk  by including improvements, features by fixing bugs soon. Whatsapp apk allows to send messages, images, audio/video files, contacts, maps and documents for free . It allows you to make Whatsapp apk calls to your contacts who have Whatsapp apk For Android Free Download. All you need is a Wi-fi Connection or Mobile data to do all this things.
In September 2016,  Whatsapp apk download had a user base of more than one billion, making it is the most popular messaging application in the world itself. So we need that application in your phone right now. So I would like to explain you how to download  Whatsapp Messenger  for Android Devices.

Whtasapp For Android:-

Coming to the history of Whatsapp Messenger  it was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, bothwe were former employees of Yahoo. On 24th February 2009, Jan Koum incorporated whatsapp inc. in California. On 19th Feb 2014, for approximately US$ 19.3 billion. Now Whatsapp Messenger is available on all the mobile platforms like Android, Windows, ios, Cyanogen and Blackberry. Here, I am going to tell you how you can download Whatsapp apk android and install it on your devices.
Whatsapp Messenger is the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users in January 2015. But Whatsapp Apk free Download reached 800 million active users in April 2016. Whatsapp Messenger, an active user base of around 990 million as of January 2016, which clearly shows how Higher attractive for this application. The users need to have an active internet connection to use their Whatsapp apkfor android. Last Year, whatsapp Apk officials recently have removed annual subscription fee. Before, Whatsapp Apk was available for free for the first one year and after a completion of 1 year. Users were supposed to be charged with an annual fee of $1. However, Whatsapp Messenger app later confirmed and removed its annual fee completely from the applications in all the operating systems. Whatsapp Apk For android is free.

Whatsapp Security Encryption:-

The Whatsapp Messenger  allows users to send messages between 2 persons World Wide and also allows sending others their locations, files, Maps, and contacts. Mobile phone’s SMS or Text Message Service allow messages  to sent, but charges you some amount for it and higher call rates & message rates for international messages. Unlike sms, Whatsapp Messenger supports end-to-end encryption since 6th April 2016. In which when 2 mobiles were paired with End-To-End encryption there might be secured without falling in wrong hands and protects from eavesdroppers.Whatsapp Messenger is the Most interesting on the Whatsapp Apk. lets the users easily manage groups which might be between friends, family, colleagues and some gatherings. The Whatsapp Messenger user can enter any group as long they were invited by the group creator, and they can leave whenever they want without any hesitation.

Features of Whatsapp Messenger Download:-

 NO ANNUAL FEES: Whatsapp Apk uses your Mobile internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-fi, as available) to let you send a Whatsapp Messenger and call friends and family, You don’t have to pay for  or cal. There are no subscription fees to use Whatsapp Apk.
MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, documents, videos, maps and Audio files.
GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chats with your friends. So you can easily stay in touch with your friends and family members.
WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receive messages right from your computer’s browser through WhatsappWEB.
ALWAYS LOGGED: In with messenger, you will always log In, so you don’t miss messages. No more confusion about whether you are logged in or logged out.
OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, whtsapp will save recent messages until the next time you use the application.
QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to connect you quickly and easily with your contacts, friends, and family who have Whatsapp. So there is no need to add hard-to-remember usernames.
FREE CALLS: Call your friends and family members for free with Whatsapp Calling feature, even if they are in another country. It uses your cellular plan’s voice minutes.

Requirements For Download Whatsapp and Install On Your Smartphone:-

Whatsapp Messenger Downloading on any android Smartphone is very easy process. However, I would like to explain how to install Whatsapp Messenger based on the fulfillment of requirement.
For this you need to have around 15MB of free space on your phone to download. Then installation of Whatsapp Messenger downloads application.
Additionally, you need to allot some space on your device for the storage of photos, videos and other data. You send and receive through Whatsapp Messenger.
Download Whatsapp Messenger on your smartphone should run on Android Version. Better choose latest version 4.1 or up to the Latest OS version of android Marsha-mallow. So that it lets you to download and install the Whatsapp Messenger application on your android.

Download Whatsapp Apk On Your Android:-

For those who need own an Android smartphone you need to go to the “Google Play Store” to download Whatsapp Messenger on your mobile.
Then,Type or search for “Whatsapp Messenger” in play store.
You will see an icon with green with call symbol with name “Whatsapp Messenger”.
Now you need to select the first search result which will be the “Whatsapp Messenger”.
You can also see that”FREE” text right under the application, it resembles the Whatsapp Messenger application is completely FREE to download.
Click Install- after installing it you just need to sign up by entering mobile number.
Then you’ll get a code to your mobile phone and automatically the code is detected by your phone and Whatsapp Messenger gets ready.
Now you need to select your name and upload your photo which is visible to all your contacts.
You can change privacy settings based on your requirements.
Your goal to download Whatsapp Messenger and install Whatsapp Messenger on your smartphone is done.

Method 2: Installation of Whatsapp.Apk on Your Smartphone:-

NOTE: To install Whatsapp Apkfile on your smartphone. You first need to enable or trick on ‘Unknown Sources’ option. If not your android device will not allow the Whatsapp Apk file which is not downloaded from the play store.  Whatsapp Apk is going to Settings-Security or Settings-Applications. It depends on the android version available on your Handset. Then Check and enable the Unknown Sources option.
We hope you liked and enjoy Whatsapp Messenger for Free. An Whatsapp Free Messaging App for free messages, photos, videos or free of Whatsapp Messenger  calling,etc. If you are facing any problem with Whatsapp Messenger Apk then just comment it below!! Feel free to share this Whatsapp Messenger article along with your friends and Family. Thank You !!