How to Delete Sent Messages on Whatsapp

How to Delete a Sent WhatsApp Message

Deleting a sent WhatsApp message is really easy. You just tap and then tap the bin icon that appears in the top bar and say Ok to the message that pops up asking if you really want to delete it.But we are guessing that’s not really what you meant when you looked online for advice on how to delete a sent WhatsApp message. Our guess is you have sent a message and immediately regretted it, and now you’re desperate to pull it back before it’s read.You can have a look at other apps like WhatsApp plus etc. This tutorial is specially for those, who send messages to other people in hurry send wrong message to them. For example you want to send a message to John & you wrongly sent it to Ash. Even if the other person seen the message, you can recall it with this tutorial. So lets follow some of the easy steps now from below to know more about how can you delete send messages on WhatsApp without any worries.

You just have to follow some of the easy steps below If you face any issues.While following this tutorial, simply drop a comment below. We will try our best to help you out in this matter.Did you send a WhatsApp message to the wrong person or which you simply regretted Do you want to stop WhatsApp message from being delivered to a recipient Did you accidentally send a photo to the wrong person? Do not worry, as there is a way to delete a sent message before it is read.

WhatsApp App Download And Install On Your Phone

  • WhatsApp App on your phone from here.
  • Install this app on your phone just like any other app.
  • After Successfully Install WhatsApp, simply open it.
  • Now Send message to any person from your WhatsApp Account (From WhatsApp).
  • Long press on Message, Click on menu button Select Recall option.
  • It will ask you Recall this message Click on RECALL button to recall the message.
  • You are done, The message will no longer available to see for both of you.

This was the easiest way which you could use on your smartphone for delete sent messages on WhatsApp. This way was pretty cool and officially by WhatsApp. So lets enjoy this awesome feature on WhatsApp. Stay tuned here for more cool tricks like these at LatestModApks Peace out.

We all regularly send messages and pictures to our friends through WhatsApp, and it may occur that we get the recipients wrong. This danger is always just around the corner. In the worst case, you may even send a compromising photo to your employer or boyfriend/girlfriend, especially while sending multiple images simultaneously to several people.Fortunately, there is a solution. If you have sent a message to someone you didn’t want to, and you see a clock icon, it means that the message has not been sent yet or there is a lack of data coverage. In this case, you still have time to fix it and delete the message already sent.