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Root Checker

Root Checker is a simple application that will check if your device is rooted in just a few seconds. It’s as easy to ‹nd out pressing a single button.

Root checker does only checking if you have Superuser privileges. It doesn’t help you to root your device this means that the Root Checker or anything like that. Nothing more that the Root Checker simply informs you about your devices state.  Root Checker is sharing the results on social networks this is the only extra feature.

Root Checker is a very light weight simple application. Even though its use is very speci‹c, that is without a doubt, very useful. In which you are not a hundred percent certain interesting whether you’ve done it right it is interesting. Root Checker will let you know in just a few seconds

Root Checker App Download

You can easily ‹nd root guides if you want to root your device by searching in And also you can check forums on please contact us via email before leaving negative feedback and we’ll do our best to solve your issues. You can also contact us for feature requests.

To checkwhether your Android device is rooted if you are looking forward or not, ‘Root Checker’ is the best app for you. Install it to verify your root or SuperUser (SU)’s con‹guration.The Root Checker is free for you to use completely. It is very speedy and easy app.More than ten million Android devices are using root checker. The Root Checker detects it right away if your SuperUser is not appropriately installed or correctly working.

If you are using it ‹rst time no matter, RootChecker gives you the simple methods to check your device and access root, administrator, or SuperUser (SU). If you have not set up your root or Super user access properly, it will certainly notify it. Root Checker is a user interface app. Which has been experienced on ten million Android devices before to use very stable and reliable method and then tests your devices for root or SuperUser access. The methods of testing are too nippy and rapid. It has being admired from every user of it so far.



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Android devices are the most used frequent SU binary which controls root (SuperUser) access. RootChecker checks and con‹rms if the SuperUser binary is positioned in its standard place or not on the devices.

If you are a new user, you may ‹nd some troubles along the path of installing, and if you are a regular user, you may do it quite easily because of your experience and will not ‹nd any complexities. Nevertheless, how skilled or untrained you are, Root checker is always there for your help.

Con‹rming SuperUser access there are some di昌�erent terms for the process. For instance these are the ‘Gaining Administrator Access’ and ‘Gaining SuperUser Access’. So Root Checker covers them all these terms are some other names of the same functioning. Rootchecker is also able to run commands via SuperUser Binary with root access.