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XMOD Games

XMOD games is a super mobile game assistant tool having various mods for Jailbroken idevices and Rooted Android device. This XMOD App comes for hot games with mods or accelerators. XMOD App automatically detects in your device that all the installed games & checks if the game having any assistance available for that game. It is much easier to install mods and launch the game.



It is an awesome tool with Auto Search for COC lovers, Keep Active, Sandbox Attack and more! I am using Android so I can do this tutorial. But iOS application is also available. You can do the same on your iDevice!

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1. Help you search satisfied opponents: This XMOD APP can help you search your opponents automatically, there is no need to click Next anymore! There are 5 options for searching: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Trophy and Maximum Town Hall. Whatever you want! you can set the number of loot, Trophy or Town Hall. If it and an opponent that satisfies all the conditions the program will stop. (XMODgames clash of clans Android)

2. Find villages with outside TH: By using the Max Town Hall Distance from Edge feature sniping Town Hall and boosting your trophies. When you open this feature, there will be a scrollbar show up. The number on the scrollbar means the distance from the TH to the corner. I think you should choose a number from 1-4.

3. Help your village be always online (Keep Active): This feature can help other players your village remain online and cannot be disturbed.

4. Allow you to sandbox attack other players for practicing (Sandbox Attack): This feature is super awesome! Help you simulate an attack whenever you visit or scout a village. Before doing an attack in Clan war! perfect for testing do not waste even a star!

You can choose troops for the certain enemy Clan Castle (max 35 troops).

Pick troops for your sandbox attack. You can pick all troops you want with an unlimited number of them. Before doing attack, you don’t need to train troops. Perfect for testing your attack strategies.

See traps in live matches: Now you can even see hidden traps and Teslas while you are doing a real attack! Awesome!

XMOD Games Apk

XMOD v2.3.5 Changelog

Script platform to achieve 100% automation in games.

Android: Accelerator in Multi-Launch.

Android 6.0 supported.

iOS: Account System added.

2.3.5 other changes are not yet released.

How to Install XMODGames App

Step 1. Install the App as mentioned below.

Step 2. Launch the XMOD App & you’ll see something similar to this app.

Step 3. As you see, the application will show up the list of games which can be modded. Tap on the desired App.

Step 4. Then tap on the Install Mod button to install Xmod games for Clash of Clans. It will take a while, from 5-10 seconds.

Step 5. click Launch to start the game! now On your screen, you can see a small robot(at the previous version, it is an X button).